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Name of enterprise in full and abbreviated forms OPEN JOINT STOCK COMPANY
Phones and address Volokolamskoe highway, h.1/bld.1; Moscow, 125993, Russia

Phone: +7 (499) 158 0481, +7 (499) 158 0841;
+7 (499) 158 3078
Internet Web-site: www.fundamentproekt.ru
E-mail: fund@fundamentproekt.ru
General director Doc. of Tech. Sc.
Minkin Mark Abramovich
t.:+7 (499) 158 0481
Head Engineer Doc. of Tech. Sc.
Smolin Boris Sergeyevich
t.:+7 (499) 158 0841 
Deputy Director in economy Salkov Nikolay Petrovich
t.: +7 (499) 158 1051
Deputy Director in manufacturing
Gvozdic Victor Ivanovich
t.: +7 (499) 158 0482
Deputy Director in development Suvorin Aleksey Vasileyevich
t.: +7 (499) 158 9538

«Fundamentproekt» was formed from originally existed trust Fundamentstroy in 1951. Sience then it has become one of the leading Russian institutes in the field of foundation construction and performs the whole  complex of research, design and survey works. In 2008, «Fundamentproekt» was reorganized into open joint stock company (OJSC)

«Fundamentproekt»  performs geological soil investigations and all kinds of woks for construction  of  underground structures and foundations of all types and complexity, designs engineering structures to protect territories against underflooding and natural damage such as slides, karst, permafrost,  and seismicity up to M-9 etc.

«Fundamentproekt» performs structural survey and works out designs to strengthen the foundations, assesses radioactive properties of structures and carries on non-traditional  geophysical and chemical  investigations, fulfills buildings and construction works, tests of deep  foundations (pipes), applies stabilizers to accumulating cold at foundations of engineering structures in permafrost areas.

OJSC «Fundamentproekt» took  part in developing designs for such major sites of  the country as Cherepovets, Western-Siberian and Norilsk integrated iron-and-steel works, the Baikal-Amurskaya Main  Railroad, the Volga’s Motor-Works, the Southern-Yakutian coal mine, oil and gas fields in Western Siberia and European North; the TV towers in Alma-Ata, Tashkent, Riga, sanatoria and health resorts in Crimea and Caucuses. They also took part in construction works abroad: Bulgaria, Vietnam, China, Korea, Mongolia, Yugoslavia, Bolivia, Bangladesh, Egypt, India, Iran, Iraq, Nigeria and Turkey.

«Fundamentproekt» performs a long-term monitoring of foundations and basement floors of unique structures in Moscow: the Bolshoy and Maliy Theatres, the Ostankino TV - tower, "Metropol", "Central", "Moscow" hotels and the Building of Russian Academy of Science. It conducts monitoring of Urengoy, Zapoliarnoe and Jubileinoe gas fields.

 «Fundamentproekt» is ISO-9001 certificated organization and possesses an international code certificate of European Certification Body  (Brussels ZN: 75 100 70017), international  certificate of manufacture, issued by “Germanisher Lloyd Group” (Hamburg, № 04884 HHO) and state  certificate of ecological management system conformity (Moscow, № РОСС RU. СЭМ.07-00005). The test laboratory of OJSC «Fundamentproekt» is accredited by Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology (№  РОСС RU.0001.516544).

Experienced personnel of «Fundamentproekt» – includes doctors of Science, the State Prize laureates, inventors of 330 patents, authors of application programs, winners of competitions and exhibitions. The personnel are always able and eager to resolve complicated research and design problems.


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Е-mail: fund@fundamentproekt.ru
Телефон: (499) 158 0481; факс: (499) 158 3078
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